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Horse Encounters

...of the Best Kind!

Thank you for stopping by!

If You are DONE being unhappy, stressed out, frustrated, bitter, resentful, angry, filled with guilt or shame...

And if You are willing to try new things and allow the possibility of a different approach and bigger perspective in Your Life...

Then we do not believe you just "stumbled" onto this site by mere chance or accident!

At Horse Encounters our motto is very simple and yet so profound:

Discover-Grow-Let Go!

Discover the power within You, Grow to fulfill Your purpose, Let Go of all those things keeping You from walking in Your full potential and happiness!

Through our programs & coaching, You will be given the opportunity to develop Self Empowering, Life Changing Skills & Tools,

that will give You a Giant Boost in the following areas of Your Life:

  • Self Confidence/Motivation
  • Self Esteem/Self Worth
  • Independence/Self Awareness
  • Forgiveness/Compassion
  • Ownership/Outreach

Your Life Changing Horse Encounter is only a 

phone call away!

All of our programs are offered in a positive, non judgmental, safe, and conscious environment.

At Horse Encounters We Know You Are Worthy, You Matter, and Your Life Has Purpose!

Discover all that You are and can be, and that the Only limits in this Life are the limits You set!

Horse Encounters & Horses 4 Heroes have now partnered, to offer You and your family awesome, self empowering programs, at a greatly discounted price!

About Horses 4 Heroes:

Horses 4 Heroes was created to say "Thank You" to the men & women whose daily sacrifices keep us safe & free, by making it possible for them & all their family members to experience the love of a horse!

We are dedicated to giving back to those who give so selflessly, You are our Heroes! Including all military personnel,Veterans, firefighters/EMT's, law enforcement, care givers, doctors, nurses, special education teachers, and many many more!!!

To join Horses 4Heroes and take advantage of all our discounted services please go to: or call 888-9US-Hero

And then contact Horse Encounters at: (541)450-1278

or email at:[email protected],to schedule your horse time.

We look forward to seeing you soon!

About Horse Encounters:

Horse Encounters was created to provide folks with a very unique opportunity to experience Life Changing Horse/Human Encounters!

As we all go through this journey, called Life, there are many obstacles & challenges along the way. Horses, through out history, have taught us how to navigate over the obstacles & through the challenges!

We have learned through the nature of the Horse that they are master teachers & they have so much to share, if we are willing & ready to open up to the opportunity & possibility.

We utilize many different resources & tools to create an environment of Total Possibility. We help you be Self Empowered to think "Out of the Box" and to realize that the only limits in Life are the limits You create!

We are here to serve anyone who is ready and willing to allow change and ready to

 be truly happy and successful!

(541)450-1278 Call to schedule Your Horse Encounter Today!

All Horse Encounter Programs are proudly offered through Second Chance Ranch.

Located in beautiful Southern Oregon

Copyright Horse Encounters 2011 All Rights Reserved