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Horse Encounters

...of the Best Kind!

Our Goal-to find & fulfill our true purpose; to create & facilitate a Horse/Human Discovery & Growth Center.

Our mission, with the Horses leading the way, is to provide you with new "Tools of Change", so you can realize and walk in your true and full potential & happiness!

We offer these self-empowerment Horse Encounters in a non judgmental, safe & supportive environment.


Syrah is our newest family member and sure to bring lots of love and hope to all! She is a 6 year old Gypsy Vanner.

More info to come!

SALLY is one of two amazing Gypsy Vanner/ Percheron sisters (pictured on the right), that we are honored to have in our wonderful equine herd. Sally is kind and patient. She absolutely loves people and has the ability to make you feel completely comfortable around her & even forget that she weights in at over 1600lbs. You've heard the expression,"They wear their heart on their sleeve", well, Sally literally has a heart on her chin!!!

SUZIE is Sally's full sister. She is the "Worker Bee" of our herd. She loves to have a job and she lives for having her ears rubbed. Kind as they come, and up for any challenge, this mare is amazing!

~Neuroscientists say that the human brain is ALWAYS CHANGING and that we can CHOOSE to transform it to give us the BEST out of LIFE!

Researchers have demonstrated tranquility, empathy, gratitude and focused attention (presence) open the brain like a flower in bloom, to help relieve stress, anxiety, boredom & unhappiness.

-facts gathered from Mind Up  

We believe these CHANGES are only a hoof beat away, with Horse Encounters!

Training & Study of Staff:

*Equine Facilitated Integrative Healing, Intensive, on going study, taught through Buffalo Woman Ranch, under the one-on-one guidance & mentor ship of Marisa Morin.

For more information please go to:

*Certified Life Skills Coach

*NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming)-current study

*Parelli Natural Horsemanship-current study

*Over 25 years Horse Riding, Training, and Teaching experience!

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