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Horse Encounters

...of the Best Kind!

During my first experience with a horse I went through a lot of feelings and adventures, it felt like. Clearing my mind and grounding myself for preparation to meet the horse by the name of Glory. When I walked closer to the gate, I was told the horses will choose who to interact with and she chose me. Once I got into an area with her I felt a complete comfort. Joy. She came to me and I couldn't stop but to giggle. She would move around on me and I would rub/scratch her. The amount of energy surrounding the horse and I was amazing. It was like 

she was talking to me. It was a different and a whole new world of experience for me to interact with nature. Between the emotions of being happy, comfortable, and at peace with everything I left that day being uplifted with joy and spirituality for a while. It's a life time experience that will never be forgotten. ~Setefano Pau

My horse encounter took place a couple of years ago. Karri was my crew leader at Job Council. Each of the girls that Karri worked with had their own horse encounters. Karri had the horses help decide which girl they wanted to work with. We were all stoked about getting to spend time with the horses. I was curious to find out what Karri would tell us about our encounters. Once I finally had my turn, I was a little frightened to be that close to such an enormous animal. I spent most of my time brushing and petting the horse. After the horse encounter Karri and the girls had all took notes and wrote down what they noticed about the horse’s behavior. They all noticed that the horse seemed protective over me. Karri's thoughts on the horse’s behavior were that I was on a new path in my life and was going to need to be careful. The horse’s behavior meant that I needed to keep my guard up and make sure I made the right decisions in my life. Karri was right, that year a lot of things changed for me. Before then, I was kind of a trouble maker. I was gradually getting smarter and growing up. That year though I met my boyfriend and we both helped each other get out of bad habits. It wasn't easy and it didn't happen right away. We both got into trouble and worked our way out of it together. Now I am a student at RCC and I am working my way into a counseling degree. My point is that Karri was right I was on a new path in my life. And I'm glad I was careful about the decisions I made to bring me here. 

 ~Emerald Burton

I had my experience in Karri’s program with Horse Encounters last summer. I am not a “horse person” so to speak and my spiritual feelings are very private to me, so I was a little apprehensive at first. However, what I experienced in this horse encounter was so profound and I felt so connected to God, nature, and horse and the love I felt from these amazing animals just brought down hardened walls I had put up around my heart. I have so much more respect for these magnificent animals and find it hard to explain how much this encounter meant to me. I watched my two daughters go through it and be brought to tears through whatever they experienced, as it was very heartfelt and humbling for them as well. Karri has a gift with people and especially with horses and I do not think there is a person out there that could walk away from such an encounter and not be positively touched in some way. I thank Karri for this experience and truly hope she can make this opportunity available for many people. ~Tammy Clark